Renovation: 1st Month

Pictures of our Church Renovation.  Please check back often to see the progress of our renovation.  We are most thankful for the generosity of our parish community for making this major renovation possible.

Renovation Preparation

Renovation Prep:


Cleaning out sacristy / Reconciliation room

Setting up parish hall for temporary worship space

Renovation: Day One

Quite a bit of work happened on day one.  Much of the Carpeting has been removed pews in the annex and the east side of the church have been removed.  Work on damaged plaster in the annex has begun.  Stations of the cross have been taken down and one or two has been cleaned.  

Renovation: Day Two

Lots of work continuing to happen here on day two.  Plaster repair and ceiling work in the annex.  Removal of the remaining pews and scraping the cork off of the floor. Also work was begun on cleaning the angels in the choir loft.  Quite a difference! 

Renovation: Day Three

On renovation day three we saw work continuing with the plaster repair in the annex, planning for the Our Lady of Guadalupe canvas, continued cleaning the angels in the choir loft, and the continued removal of the cork flooring.  The crew is doing great work!   

Renovation: Day Four

Friends, all of the flooring that will be removed has been removed.  The annex ceiling was primed today, and we continue to patch holes and cracks etc.  Fr. Vince continued to remove old wiring, and ran wiring for thermostats through the walls.  Many wires have been reduced or relocated eliminating some of the plastic conduit etc.  The progress is very exciting.

Renovation: Day Five

Continued patching holes and Cracks throughout the building, painted ceiling in the annex, chapel and hallway to the sacristy.  Set some scaffolding for work in the sanctuary, cleaning on the canopy and other areas in the sanctuary.  

Renovation: Day Six

The annex ceiling got another coat of paint, the ceiling in the chapel is painted, the chapel is in process of being painted, we figured out the width of the blue stripe behind the crucifix, final scrape of the floor is being done so the board can go down for the tile, the corner was filled in and the vent in the floor of the choir loft is getting done. 

Renovation: Day Seven

Work today included painting the walls of the annex, the hallway to the sacristy,  the reconciliation room, and the Loyal Blue paint behind the tabernacle.   Floor work today included some leveling from the annex to the nave of the church, and laying the subfloor for the tile.  

Renovation: Day Eight

It is amazing how things keep progressing.  Today, the chapel and sacristy painting was completed.  Crack patching began in the sanctuary and the nave of the church.  Tile floor removed from the annex, and subfloor installation completed in the nave, the hallway to the sacristy, and in the annex.  Painting also continued on the art in the sanctuary.  

Renovation: Day Nine

The work being accomplished continues to impress.  Today, virtually all of the base for the tile floor was completed, and the tile was delivered.  Plaster work continued, and painting commenced in the sanctuary and in the nave of the church.  Sacristy and annex paint was completed minus the radiator covers.  It is looking good!!!

Renovation: Day Ten

Today was about moving pews, and painting.  Most of the nave of the church has been painted, pews have been moved so that work on the ceiling in the main part of the church can be cleaned and secured.  Oh yeah, and a little gold leaf!

Renovation: Day Eleven

It's a new week and the work continues. Painting radiator covers, and the area behind them, painting loyal blue trim, and some gold stars, and a couple of gold stripes.

Renovation: Day Twelve

On the twelfth day of renovation we found the crew continuing the painting, lots of cutting, and painting continues, a coat of paint on the radiator covers.  A couple of new colors were introduced today.  

Renovation: Day Thirteen

Today's work saw more painting in the sanctuary, final touches on the radiator covers, and the crew began cleaning the beams.  All in all another great day!  

Renovation: Day Fourteen

Work continues, radiator covers reinstalled, beams on ceiling were cleaned, sanctuary painting continued, and the crucifix was rehung.  

Renovation: Day Fifteen

Todays adventures in renovation include, you guessed it more painting in the sanctuary, All of that detail work takes time, but it is looking amazing.  Painting commenced in the vestibule and stairways.  Added some gold leak to the shields, and they nailed up lose tiles in the ceiling.  Everyone is working hard.  

Renovation: Day Sixteen

Today,  more painting in the sanctuary, the choir loft ceiling, and the walls in the vestibule, and stairways.

The work on the floor has begun, cutting tile, and cutting marble.

Renovation: Day Seventeen

Day 17 of renovation continued to be very productive. Flooring: tile and marble installed making up the aisle. More painting in the sanctuary, the big arch is finished. And painting in the choir loft got its first coat.

Renovation: Day Eighteen

Not as many pictures today.  Painting and floor installation continue.  

Renovation: Day Nineteen

Today more painting, continuation of the floor laying, planning for the tile layout in the sanctuary, and trying to find the right mix for the stain. Moving right along!

Renovation: Day Twenty

4 Weeks of work.  Floor installation continues, just about finished in the nave of the church. Also began laying floor tile and marble in the sanctuary.  Finally more painting, mostly some fine detail up in the choir loft.